Singing the Marseillaise at the Stade de France..

Some time ago, this was one of the first serious pieces of commentary about the new rules of war. It was immediately obvious that terror-at-home was very much relevant to this tactic.

Although I insisted that the new swarm tactic trends posed the real «nightmare scenario» and were relevant to gun control (especially in the US, here), it has become obvious since then that gun control is a very very small part of the issue.

The wider concern is that these attacks pose an even more troubling set of questions about democracy than the «original», more «grand scale», 9-11 style attacks.

Amidst the grief and anger, a more robust democratic defence mechanism needs to be sought by liberal democracies. We need to discuss calmly, not only our involvement overseas (in the case of ISIS the crime seems to have been that we engaged too little, too late rather than too much) but also at home: How do we reconcile freedom with security? Minority rights with the threat of outliers? Freedom of thought with the state’s authority?

Time perhaps to re-read our Berlin and our Mill…


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